Program Details

  • General Program

    This program is suitable for all ages and skill levels. There are no prerequisites to use this program.

  • Course Outcomes

    Decrease your risk of acute injuries by improving your proprioception and stability using key exercises for your hips, knees and shoulders.

  • What is Included?

    Unlimited access to over 20 stability exercises and a full proprioception based warm-up. This program includes 4 routines with video demonstrations and downloadable plans.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Stability Training for Injury Prevention Overview

    • Introduction

    • Course Outcomes

    • How to Use This Course

    • Equipment You Will Need

    • Disclaimer

  • 2

    Injuries 101

    • What Causes an Injury?

    • Preventing Injuries with Stability Training

  • 3

    Proprioception Based Warm-Up

    • Printable Proprioception Based Warm-Up

    • Proprioception Based Warm-Up

  • 4

    Stability Training Programs

    • Printable Stability Training Programs

    • Upper Body Stability Strengthening

    • Core Stability Strengthening

    • Hips, Knees and Ankles Stability Strengthening

Lifetime Access to Your Training Program

Across All of Your Devices

Use this program anywhere your devices go to access your training plan and to watch the exercise demonstrations and tutorials. Take it to class, use it in the gym or have it by your side if you are training at home!

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